Stomatitis in children

Yesterday, the child was cheerful and with good appetite, and today the baby is naughty and turns away from food? Perhaps these are signs of an acute oral cavity disease.

Stomatitis in children, unfortunately, is often found. In general, by this name doctors mean any inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx, gums, lips and tongue.

Everything seems to be as easy and just like a runny nose. In fact, stomatitis in children can be caused by a wide variety of pathogens and proceeds a much painful banal rhinitis. Stomatitis in children has characteristic symptoms: swelling of the mucosa, rash of sores, white plaque in the sky and lips. But diseases of the oral cavity are not always noticeable externally. Try to detect stomatitis: the open mouth is strongly enlarged on the computer and consider the sores of the sores.

If your baby asks to eat, but taking the first portion of food, he immediately refuses and even begins to cry, be sure to show the baby to the doctor. Pediatrician, dentist or family therapist can diagnose stomatitis in children. An experienced doctor must determine the causes of the disease in your case. There may be several of them. Diseases of the oral cavity occur due to a viral infection (herpes virus), fungal (candidiasis or “thrush”), bacterial (streptococci and staphylococci). It is especially dangerous not to treat the latter. Bacterial inflammation can quickly spread to tonsils, bronchi and even light. Sometimes to identify an infection causing stomatitis in children, the treatment of which depends directly on the cause, it is necessary to make a smear.

It is worth studying the rules of care and hygiene. Oral cavity requires a special diet. Exclude fat, sour, salty, spicy and even sweet.   Broths, vegetable, meat and fish puree, cereals and dairy pasta, and low -powered sour humor are well absorbed. Stomatitis in children requires local treatment, so make sure that there is enough time left between food meals to expose the medicine.

Prepare a separate dishes for the patient, highlight the towel. Make sure that children’s toys and toothbrushes are clean. Diseases of the oral cavity indicate a general decrease in immunity, so regularly sterilize nipples, bottles and rodents.

Carefully fulfill your doctor’s appointment. Stomatitis in children whose treatment should be carried out comprehensively, requires the mouth of the mouth clean. Rinse with tea, sodium bicarbonate solution, chamomile decoction will allow you to clean the wounds of mucus and plaque.

Infants can be wiped with the sky and tongue with gauze. Kids of one or two years old washed their mouths with a pear. And after that they apply antibacterial medicine. There are many options now: Stomatidine, orasept, Lisobact, etc. D. Which one most effectively treats stomatitis in children, and in what dosage, your doctor knows.

In addition to the main treatment of the disease of the oral cavity, take an interest in the possibility of anesthesia of the wounds by local anesthetics for the duration of food. This will allow the child to chew and swallow food, despite stomatitis.