Start repairs?

You need to start repairs with preliminary preparation of walls for repair work. The walls play the main role in the interior of the room, they are larger in area than the floor and ceiling, therefore, the time for repair is spent more. First, the old plaster from the walls is removed and the new one is applied in layers. In complex places, if necessary, a fine -mesh mesh is glued, contributing to a better clutch of the plaster with the surface. To give strength to plaster, the walls are primed.

During the repair of the apartment, you need to pay special attention to sewers and electrical wiring. Check their condition and, if necessary, replace. The installation wire is used as an isolation of the electrical wiring.

When repairing the apartment, you need to understand that all repair work depends on the quality of the plastered walls. For example, suspended ceilings, decoration of skirting boards and doorways are carried out when the repair and finishing work of the walls in the apartment is over.

It should be noted that repair work in the apartment of any elements is very important. This applies to windows and gender, on which not only the design of the room, but also the safety of the apartment, its functionality will depend.