Some aspects of powder staining technology

Powder staining as a protective and decorative decoration of products today is very in demand in a variety of production. This technology can only be applied in the presence of special painting equipment.

The coating obtained in this way exceed the results of staining using liquid LKM and decorativeness, and in strength, and in anti -corrosion protection.

Modern painting equipment allows, with a small number of technological operations, to form a coating on products of different sizes and configurations. At the same time, the level of environmental safety and working conditions of personnel is much higher than when using liquid colors.

Do not forget about ..

But still, it is worth noting the fact that the powder coloring does not always justify itself. So, for example, it is worth remembering that most of the powder compositions issued today makes it possible to receive PC 3 “4 classes. The second class corresponds to a small number of compositions. Powder coatings are unsuitable for polishing, however, now you can always choose a composition that gives the desired level of gloss or texture.

Another remark: use powder compositions and paint equipment for processing bulky and metal -intensive products is inappropriate. Capital costs will be sharply increased, as well as energy consumption. If the site or workshop works with small batches of products, then the cost of its arrangement and functioning will not pay off, and the cost of the products will be too high.

A few facts

Fainting equipment for powder compositions can be used not only in the processing of metal products, but also glass, ceramics, wood. The cost of such works is reduced by year from year to year. Back in the 70-80s of the 20th century, the cost of such work by 15-25% exceeded the cost of work using liquid LKM. Now even the required thickness of the coating has become less, reaching 60-80 μm against past 100-120.

In the first decades of use in Russia this method, paint equipment was purchased abroad, and powder paints were domestic production. Now the situation has been leveled: if desired, you can purchase both foreign production compositions and domestic equipment.

At the moment, most of Russian enterprises are used by Russian equipment for powder coloring. Although there are no problems with the purchase of cars of famous brands Nordson, Wagner, Gema, just a higher price plays a role here with similar parameters.

Powder coloring involves phased work. Before loading the products into the spraying chamber, they should be prepared by cleansing from fat, scale, rust, dust. After spraying the powder in an electrostatic field, the coating is cured in the furnace.