Solidfloor Parquet

Parquet from Holland – stylish, high -quality and incredibly beautiful. Read more about Solidfloor brand in the Russian market.

The main idea of ​​Solidfloor is displayed by all decors of the Dutch production parquet board – these are, first of all, artificially aged and ancient flooring. All over the world, many admirers of the classics began to return to medieval decors, and in the modern world, such a collection is at the very peak of fashion.

The main distinguishing features of the solidflor collection are unique combinations of special technology in the application of different natural oils and rustysh sawing. Such flooring looks very cozy and warm. Such an unusual gender needs a special attitude.

Solidfloor Parquet – Pure Design collection

The selection of the parquet board is called the selection of the dicks of the upper layer made from one breed of wood. This selection is carried out according to the texture, the presence of knots, as well as sapwood and color scheme. This classification can be attributed to production technology. Different firms give a variety of names for breeding options – these are radial, luxury, elites and many others. The upper layer of the board is made of close in structure and color, and the dicks selected very carefully. A similar parquet is used mainly for the design of classic interiors, since it has an even plain pattern. Standard or nature involves different color performance and the presence of small knots. As a rule, the strings of the upper layer are made of wood of radial and tangential saw. But the so-called rustic or otherwise a cottage, country, a village board, etc. D. can allow cracks in knots and pits from them. A board of this type has a sapwood and very motley, so it is ideal for interiors designed in country-style. The Fetim Solidfloor brand is a massive sex collection called Hermitage, which has different finishing options. This is an unprocessed, polished or processed embossed board, smoked, as well as covered with white, dark or natural oils.

Solidfloor, Parquet board – Life Style collection

Oil coatings consist of mixtures of wax and oil, which in turn in its composition contains restored components and does not have solvents. Such a board does not need additional processing and is already ready for styling. However, experts recommend covering this board after laying with natural oil, and this will give it more freshness, and also significantly revive it.

In addition, it is recommended to give preference to laying on a plywood, which involves gluing to the base of the parquet board. In the future, it can be quicked or passed in the course of additional processing. Caring for such a floor is very simple, and the surface can be updated about once every 3-4 years.