Sandwich panels: what are their advantages?

To date, sandwich panels are more and more often used. Indeed, sandwich panels are a fairly convenient building material, since it can be used not only as a decorating element, but also as a creation of fences, fences, gates.

In addition, sandwich panels can also be used as the external finishing material of buildings and buildings, since sandwich panels are excellent soundproofing and heat insulators, and their cost is relatively small.

The immediate advantage when using sandwich panels is that they have a fairly large length – up to twelve meters, as a rule, which means that the process of finishing the building itself, of course, if the panels are used for decoration, will take much less time.

In addition, SEDVICH Panels are a fairly light material, since occupying an area of ​​about ten square meters, their weight is about eighty kilograms, that is, in other words, the SEDVICH Panels on one square meter weigh about eight kilograms.

The production of sevich panels is a fairly simple technological process that consists of two stages – continuous creation of panels and cutting them. The first process is that the metal tape, which enters the manufacturer, forms the necessary profile, which is then filled with a two-component composition.

When mixing, this composition forms polystyrene foam – the very material that provides sound insulation and thermal insulation.

Sandwich panels are effectively used in the manufacture of automatic lifting gates, the creation of continuous fences, while the warranty period of such operation is at least seven years. Sandwich panels are quite environmentally friendly, do not harm human health and nature.