Samara sanatorium

In the park zone of Samara, on the banks of the Volga, there is a modern, comfortable sanatorium Samara. He combines a whole range of directions: healing, rest, sports, beauty. The sanatorium is multidisciplinary. In each direction there are advantages.

Throughout the year, vacationers come here for various purposes: to improve health, recover after surgery, bring beauty, conduct sports training and competitions, and just relax with comfort. Samara sanatorium every day receives new guests and escorts rested. Rooms and procedural events are designed for people of various ages: from half -year -old babies to visitors of advanced age.

Diagnostics and treatment

Arriving for one or two weeks, vacationers will be able to undergo diagnostics in various categories, treatment and rehabilitation. For this, the sanatorium uses the most innovative equipment. The best doctors are working here, constantly improving their qualifications.

This health center proposes the treatment of many diseases. A comprehensive approach to treatment is practiced, which, judging by the reviews, is extremely effective. The results achieved are fixed by various procedures. Before leaving, doctors will consult for further treatment or preventive measures.

Beauty saloon

Women from all over Russia strive to get into the sanatorium, famous in Samara and abroad. Highly qualified specialists take care of vacationers here: hairdressers, stylists, cosmetologists, dermatologists, nail service specialists, masseurs.

They surround the care of their customers and make beautiful ladies even more attractive, offering them various procedures and services. The service of the salon is enjoyed by men with pleasure. Here you can use a wide range of cosmetology services, massage procedures, it is easy to reset 5-6 kg per week, find a good shape and get rid of many problems relating to the appearance.

Sports complex

Samara’s healing sanatorium has a wonderful sports complex, which is with pleasure those who do not need treatment, but came to just relax or conduct training. Vacationers swim in the pool, engage in the gym, play group games on the sports ground, ride on skates and skiing.

You can go to the sports complex with the whole family. For children, there are many sports entertainment. If the child has a birthday while being in the sanatorium, then prudent employees of the sanatorium will arrange a holiday for the baby, which he will never forget about. There are several programs of the holiday, from which parents can choose the most suitable.

Business events

The sanatorium has five conference rooms. They propose to conduct: seminars, conferences, trainings, exhibitions. The halls are equipped with the latest technology. There is sound amplifying equipment, a projector, a screen, flipchart and other types of equipment designed to conduct such events.

In the Samara sanatorium, various entertainment events are held that will not allow anyone to get bored. Not only numerous services, procedures and comfortable accommodation contribute to rest. Here the healing and restoring strength is the air itself and the wonderful nature of these places. Removing from enterprises, the proximity of the river and the large areas of the forest that surround the sanatorium will cure no worse than doctors.