Runge face gymnastics

Runge Gymnastics for the face – a complex of gymnastic exercises developed by Sent Maria Runge. In the original run, the gymnastics for the face is called “SelfFitting”. The author of gymnastics took care of the safety of the exercises performed, before working on each muscle she needs to devote some time to prepare it for further exercises. Santa Maria Runge has devoted almost 30 years to Runge that the gymnastics for the face really become an effective complex and gives immediate results.

Runge gymnastics for the face differs from other gymnastic complexes in that it gives a truly instant result. However, to consolidate the effect of classes should become regular and systematic. Experts say that the complex is strong enough, therefore, as a preventive measure in order to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles and sagging skin, it is not suitable. Runge is used to face gymnastics only when really visible problems arise.  Therefore, Runge gymnastics for the face approaches the age category from 30 years.

So, Runge gymnastics for the face.

Exercise 1. Using it, you can make your chin elastic, remove lethargy in the neck. Raise the chin, the pads of the index and middle fingers, place the hand between the two knots of the larynx and press a little, then squeeze your teeth tightly. Press your tongue on the inside of the front teeth of the lower jaw, gradually increasing the pressure, hold the tongue in this position for 5-6 seconds. Gradually relax the muscles. Follow several approaches.

Exercise 2. The Runge exercise gymnastics for the face recommends to be used for the lower jaw (elimination of the bracket).  Put the lower jaw and teeth forward, then tighten the lower jaw on the upper as high as you can. Raise up the left corner of the mouth and narrow the left eye.   Hold the muscles in this way for 2-3 seconds, then slowly relax. Repeat the exercise with the right corner of the mouth and right eye. Follow several approaches.

Exercise 3. Runge Hymnastics for the Face uses this exercise to tighten the cheeks and corners of the mouth. Closure your lips and teeth, but do not strain and do not squeeze them. Slowly stretch your lips in a smile, linger for a few seconds in the maximum possible position, then slowly relax. Repeat the exercise in several approaches.

Exercise 4. Runge Facial Gymnastics to restore the outer lip contours.  Open your mouth wide, as if you want to yawn. Hold your lips in this position. Putting the upper lip from the teeth, with a slow movement, try to pull it down. Then, just as slowly, return your lip to the initial position.

Runge gymnastics for the face includes a complex consisting of a much larger number of exercises. However, for starting exercises, gymnastics for the face and these exercises will be enough. Perform them regularly and clearly follow the instructions. After a couple of classes, you can notice the positive effect that the Runge gymnastics for the face gives. Do not stop there, because to fix the positive effect you will need more than one week. loading…