Roofing sealant

Roofing sealant is used as the main means of instant repair of damaged parts of the roof. Roofing sealant is also used as additional sealing of the elements of the roof parts during installation, for example, adjacent to the walls of roofing paintings, smearing roof seams, with single -phase compounds, smearing the seams of paintings during semiautomatic styling of the fold roof with small roof slopes. This is especially true for roofing places, where partial or complete localization of water drainage occurs.

Frequent use of roofing sealant during repair is quite justified. Its cheapness and speed of repair gives a head of partial replacement of damaged roofing roofing sections.

Roofs can flow due to various reasons, for example, breakdowns and damage to the hard roof during the cleaning of the roof in the winter period. Or old roofs and single -phase compounds in places of particularly wet. Or the subsidence of wooden structures of the roof due to the severity of the roofing floor and. T. D.

In any case, one or two days of work with a roofing sealant will solve your problems and eliminate the flow, at least temporarily. Roofing sealant is an ideal solution for large -scale repair.

The basis of the contents of the roofing sealant is made of bitumen, so it can be laid on a wet basis. The life of the roofing sealant is about 20 years at a temperature of -50 to +150c. It is recommended to repair at a positive temperature and necessarily thin layers, since the drying period directly depends on the thickness of the layer.

The use of paints during roof installation

When creating a roof of a house or other building, various colors of varnishes and impregnations are very often used, but which and where let’s look at the example of creating a regular roof from corrugated board.

To create a roof using this material, you can use two types of rafter frames. Such as: wooden (made completely of wood) and mixed (metal rafters and wooden crate).

In the first case, special antiseptic impregnations necessary to prevent wood damage to fungi are very often used. And only after that the wood is covered with oil or alkyd paints or primers. Of course, if certain design solutions are required, these structural elements can be covered with varnish coatings (such as yacht varnish or paint lacr). And only after that is the roof roof is produced by corrugated board on a prepared and typed frame.

In the second case, the following types of paints and varnishes are often used very often. Metal supporting rafters are treated with a composition for removal of corrosion, after which the metal is covered with alkyd soil with paints. A wooden frame on which roof material will be fastened is treated with antiseptics and also cover the soil for wood paint.

Very often, when performing roofing, workers ignore this processing. But the use of colors and varnishes when performing it is still necessary, as this will significantly increase the service life of materials, and therefore the durability of the roof of the building.