Restoration of marble floors

For grinding marble floors, special machines are used, which, when grinding, give a good quality. Such machines have special mounts on which the abrasive circle is attached. Special cartridges carry out movements around the axis, and their total number rotates around the total axis, which the machine has. It is not very simple to provide, but there are special planetary mechanisms that will do it without much difficulty. The result is that abrasive circles do not have the same directions for grinding, movements are obtained in all directions at the same time.

After grinding, there will be no trace of some direction of movement of the circle. The surface will be very flat and very smooth.

In the process, it is necessary to move the car not very quickly along the area of ​​the entire floor. She must literally cut the upper layers of the stone. Also, all irregularities or damage are cut off in the process.

Processing must be done several times, each time you need to use abrasives thinner. When it comes to polishing, then after the process the marble becomes a mirror.