Repair the ceiling

In such a time -consuming process as repairing apartments, you must have an integrated approach. That is, you should pay attention to each element in the interior so that the update is harmonious, and does not spoil the design concept as a whole. Therefore, even when making a cosmetic repair of walls, do not forget the ceiling. Often this surface is undeservedly deprived of attention when repairing apartments. However, if the ceiling was not refreshed during the repair, then the type of walls, no matter how qualitatively they were finished, noticeably loses. When repairing the ceiling, it is necessary to pay special attention to alignment of the surface. You can align the ceiling in two ways – wet and dry. With a wet method, a variety of construction mixtures based on water are involved in the finishing process. With a dry method, panels and slabs are used. Today, another way is gaining popularity in the CIS market – these are stretch ceilings. In principle, in order to install suspended ceilings, there is no need to directly align the surface. Seamless stretch ceiling is a ready -made solution that must simply be mounted high quality. Naturally, the cost of seamless suspended ceilings is slightly different from the cost of building materials intended for traditional methods of ceiling decoration. But in the case of stretch ceilings during repair and operation, this system has a lot of advantages. Firstly, stretch ceilings are easily and quickly installed, and during installation there is no excess garbage. Secondly, during operation, stretch ceilings are unpretentious in maintenance, and are able to withstand a thousand liters of water. And if you consider all the advantages of this system, then the cost of a sq m stretch ceiling does not seem so high. In principle, the price in no way affects the popularity of suspended ceilings, popular love for this method of ceiling decoration only grows. Using suspended ceilings, you can make a multi -level surface that will create a visual effect of volume in interior design. There are a lot of methods to make high -quality ceiling repair in the apartment today. And in any case, whether it be a stretch ceiling or rack, decorative slabs or simple lime whitewashing, it is necessary to put the functional purpose of the ceiling at the forefront. The choice of the finish method also depends on this.