Renault builds a “lighter” with a motor in the trunk

Renault has on hand the development of a unique car, which as a result received all those developments, which were deprived of it to gather according to the model. And the light spilled on the car a certain selection of spy photographs, which literally some time ago, fresh, fell into the hands of everyone who wanted.

Judging by the photographs, it can be assumed that the car will be made, or rather already has the Twingo style and at the same time has everything necessary, which previously grabbed lovers of the car brand.   In principle, the factor, which this time was awarded to the manufacturer, awarded the factor in principle, is also understandable. As expected, the car will be relevant for women’s consumer, since the novelty has a small volume and has good maneuverable data, at least so the rumors say that are usually true.

Unfortunately, KIA spare parts are not suitable for this, but you can be sure that there will certainly not be problems with original details on the market.

The car received a whole series of aerodynamic elements, which, in turn, judging by the pictures are quite relevant for the model. Also, the car received an original exhaust, which in one way or another can be relevant and even more so since the new version is possible a large number of changes. How it is planned to get a three -cylinder turbo motor, which can be used as a whole in a number of situations.

The machine is likely to receive the name Twinrun, which will not only be relevant but even clinging, and in some cases, consumers will have the opportunity to choose a configuration that may be unavailable for some countries at first.   The car market itself is growing by the day, but by the clock and people having all the variety for an hour can simply be confused what to choose and where to give their preference. However, everything is different with this model, since during its development at least the soul, the heart and experience that the company employees were proud of, who had previously had situations when photographs of cars disappeared.

Now it all depends on what color the car will appear at the exhibition, or in another place, depending on where it will be presented to the public. Also, such brands of cars can be relevant not only in America, but also in the European part of the country, which for one reason or another get a car a little later.