Redness of the eye reason

Redness of the eye causes can be different. Redness can be caused by the expansion of blood vessels. Why can this extension arise? In some cases, the eyes of the eyes are causes – these are problems of a medical nature, when the mucous membrane of the eye is inflamed or irritated, in other cases the problem may not be associated with diseases, but rather with your way of life. In any case, you need to fight with the redness of the eyes, initially revealing the redness of the eye the cause.

Redness of the eye of a medical reason. These can be various diseases that an optometrist will help you to recover from. For example, such a disease as glaucoma causes an increase in intraocular pressure and leads to redness of one eye, usually. In parallel with this, visual acuity may decrease. Or redness of gas can have causes in the form of acute conjunctivitis, in which the shell is inflamed due to the penetration of viruses and bacteria. Such a disease as asthenopia occurs if a prolonged load on vision turns out to be, such an eye reaction also manifests itself in astigmatism.   How to find out that you have a disease? If redness of the eyes is not detected and it does not pass within one, a maximum of two days, you must consult a doctor who will diagnose you and prescribe the correct treatment.

Redness of the eye causes associated with the lifestyle. The main reason may be overwork and lack of sleep. Redness of the eye causes – often arise in people who have long been before the computer monitor. An allergic reaction to some substance or animal hair can also lead to redness of the eyes, allergies can be caused by wearing contact lenses.  Frequent and long -term stay in the cold and wind is the right path to reddening the eyes. Excessive drinking, being in a smoky room, lack of vitamin A, stress – redness of the eyes, causes can be different.

The main thing is to know how to fight the redness of the eye. The fact that if this is a disease, then medical care is necessary, it was said above. If the redness of the eye is a different nature, that is, some tips on how to get rid of it. First, try, if possible, eliminate the stimulus. Secondly, it is imperative to perform gymnastics for the eyes.   When exacerbating diseases, use drops prescribed by a doctor. Consume more products rich in vitamin A: fish, liver, carrots, salad leaves. Periodically make compresses for the eyes using potatoes, ice, tea. Redness of the eye causes can be eliminated if you try not to overwork your eyes.

The implementation of these recommendations will not be difficult, but your eyes will always be beautiful.