Redevelopment: important nuances

Many at the time of repair of their own housing faced such a moment as redevelopment. Someone moved the walls, expanding or narrowing space. Others completely demolished all the walls in order to organize one large room. The redevelopment usually applies to first residential premises, and secondly, commercial objects.

In each individual case, the rules for changing the plan have their own nuances. Competent redevelopment will help to avoid a headache associated with this non -simple matter.

As a result of any changes in the layout, not only the location of the walls changes, but also the internal communications of the apartment. It is necessary to take care of the transfer of electric networks, plumbing units, ventilation ducts.

It is worth remembering that some points cannot be changed in any case. For example, any changes in the plan are strictly prohibited that can lead to a decrease in strength or complete destruction of structures.

Any violation of the fire rules, or spoiling the appearance of the facade of the building, in which your living room is prohibited. All these nuances are taken into account by redevelopment – a company that will quickly and efficiently solve any issue related to a change in layout.

Mandatory is the coordination of any redevelopment in the relevant authorities. For these purposes, a project is created, which is agreed for several months. It is according to the project that all further work on the repair and transfer of walls will be carried out. The redevelopment inconsistent and executed with violations can adversely affect you in the future.