Provence style in your kitchen

Many people would like to have a corner in their apartment or house, where one could have a break from problems and fuss. This can help the interior in the style of Provence. This style is diverse, since every country has its own characteristics in the interior. Today we will consider the Provence style, which appeared in France and has not lost its relevance so far.

Provence is a region in the south of France, where there are a lot of sun, sea, plants and simplicity. This is a distinctive feature of the Provence style: living and dry plants, furniture that seemed to burn out in the sun, dishes with a bright pattern, furniture and pillows on chairs. In addition, in this style there are elements of minimalism. Of course, it is difficult to do everything in the same style in the apartment, but it is enough to create a hint.

If you decide to use the Provence style when decorating the kitchen, then carefully consider the colors. Give preference to pastel colors that seem burnt out in the sun. When decorating walls, it is best to use decorative plaster, which should not be applied exactly.

With roughnesses and gangs, through which brick is visible. If you do not want to use plaster, then you can finish the walls with facing tiles, mosaic or natural stone. But the most common wall cladding are finishing boards, which are subsequently painted.

Windows, be sure to be large, so that there is a lot of light in the room. Furniture – only wooden, wicker or forged. It is recommended to avoid the presence of elements from nickel, glass or plastic. Do not forget about textiles. The following fabrics are characteristic of the Provence: an chintic, bleached flax and rough cotton.

It is not necessary to choose a plain fabric. Your kitchen will look much more interesting if the fabrics are bright colors, in stripes or cage. Flower motifs are also suitable. Curtains can be sheathed with ruffles and tied with ribbons.

Plants also play an important role in decorating a kitchen in the style of Provence. In bright pots or large tubs, they will revive your kitchen, and on the ceiling you can hang bundles of various dry herbs.