Protection of plastic windows from hacking

Due to their constructive features, products and plastic designs have various useful characteristics that made plastic windows most popular and safe among other windows.

However, choosing beautiful and practical windows for your apartment, it is necessary to remember the safety of the dwelling – especially if it is on the lower floors. Manufacturers of plastic windows did not ignore the problem of the safety of their products – now you do not need to worry about the safety of their property.

Glasses used in double -glazed windows play a decisive role in the safety of the dwelling. In order to avoid hacking and penetrating into the premises of unauthorized persons, double -glazed windows should be used only with special missiles. Their cost is more expensive than that of ordinary glasses, but the level of security is significantly increased. The strength of the frame design gives the window additional reliability and prevents the attempts to hack and penetrate the room.

Plastic window profiles also play far from the last role in ensuring the safety of the home. The fact is that the profile contains an aluminum tab with an increased closed cross section, which significantly increases the strength of the structure. The number of cameras in the profile positively affects the reliability of plastic windows.

The protection of plastic windows from hacking is also affected by accessories – the standard kit of accessories consists of a handle and a window locking mechanism. Particular reliability are famous for the designs using mushroom -shaped locking tsapfs. They are reliably fixed with neighboring window slats and confront hacking. It is extremely desirable that the window handle has a reliable built -in lock.

When installing plastic windows, you need to use only those components that the window manufacturer provides. The use of bolts, screws and other fasteners not provided for the installation of plastic windows is not allowed. It should also be remembered that a reliable and qualitatively installed plastic window is not a panacea, and you will not be able to protect your house from prepared and experienced crackers – in this case, you should additionally safe – install the grilles on the windows or put your apartment on the alarm.