Preventive work with wooden windows

Whatever the quality and durable your wooden windows, they require timely preventive work. Such measures will help to significantly extend the service life of the window and protect it from adverse environmental influences.

When conducting preventive measures, you will not only protect your wooden windows from wear and tear and deformation, but also protect your wallet from additional costs, because the repair of window structures will require serious financial injections from you.

As a rule, preventive measures with wooden windows must be performed with a frequency of one year to five years. It is immediately necessary to remember the following rule: the more intensively the window affects the environment, the more often it is necessary to carry out preventive work. Mobile details of accessories require processing with special compounds, usually for this they use technical petroleum jelly. This processing should be carried out at least once a year, so that the structural elements are not imposed by the destructive effect of moisture.

An inspection of the window seals should also be carried out – damaged seals should be changed in time. Replacing seals does not take much time and does not require special skills. Strictly monitor the coating of wooden windows – varnishes and paints protect wood from moisture exposure. If, under the influence of time, the old layer of coating is damaged and fits – moisture will interact with wood, which will adversely affect the protection and durability of the window. If necessary, you need to remove the old layer of paint or varnish and apply a new layer.

Varnish coating covering the surface of a wooden window must be thoroughly processed with various polishes that can be purchased at any construction store. This procedure must be carried out at least twice a year, otherwise the glass can be covered with dark spots, which will be very difficult to remove in the future. As a rule, work on the prevention of the condition of a wooden window is not a complex and time -consuming occupation. It should not be neglecting preventive work – otherwise you will have to carry out expensive repairs or a complete replacement of wooden windows.