Preparation of the tool. Dismantling of old tiles

Starting the repair in the bathroom, you need to properly carry out preparation. First you should take care of the tools, as even experienced professionals will be powerless to do something without the right tools. So, you will need a special key that is designed for shells, a knife (for cutting pipes), a tile cutter (a special tile cutting device), forceps). You also need to have a level. Scraper, in order to level the solution evenly on the surface, while the surface of the scraper should be with teeth or even. If there is a need to remove old tiles, then you can immediately begin. Often, the condition of the bathroom can be pretty good, so it makes no sense to change the old tile to a new one, it will be quite easy to change a couple of tiles. But partially removed still it is necessary to dismantle the bathroom. A row of tiles should be removed, or two, which are located around it. Further, all actions to extract the bathroom must be done carefully, turning off the cold and hot water (be sure to block the riser’s valve): get rid of fasteners and disconnect the pipe.