Pregnancy and bath

For every woman, a child is the meaning of her life. Even on our modern days, when life passes under the loud calls of liberated movement, this expression remains relevant.   And also over the past few decades, its meaning has become much deeper. Modern women devote much more time and attention to their babies to their health and health. Therefore, multiple contradictions began. It is found that not everything that our ancestors considered to be correct during the pregnancy of women remained correct and useful in our years.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a woman who, as in those ancient times, could stop the horse at a horse or go into a burning hut, because the crazy rhythm of modern life, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, relaxation, constant stressful situations – these factors negatively affect the fragile female body and, of course, health. Everyone understands that the pregnancy of our great-grandmothers proceeded in a completely different way. They did not know not about toxicosis, not about severe births, since everything happened quite simply. Pregnancy proceeded without complications and was no different from the usual everyday life. When the great -grandmothers came to the paramedic, he forbade to lift weights during pregnancy and protect the nervous system, on this all the prohibitions end. But no one forbade a bath or sauna during pregnancy to visit a sauna. And today, having come to the gynecologist, it is necessary to hand over a huge amount of tests for a very round sum, then you will be written out by the “jenmo pill”, which are needed for the overall development of the fetus and so on. Most gynecologists do not allow swimming in hot water during pregnancy, and they are silent about the sauna at all.

Since ancient times, the bathhouse in Rus’ was considered a symbol of cleanliness, renewal and, of course, health. Healthy children gave birth in baths, as she was the cleanest place. Modern gynecologists do not even remember the existence of baths when examinations of pregnancy. Since they believe that baths do not affect pregnancy and mention contraindications: blood pressure jumps, toxicosis and termination of pregnancy. Doctors also try to save their patients from overheating in the first months of pregnancy, because the internal organs of the fetus are already beginning to form. In the bath during pregnancy, you can easily be injured, that is, slip, burn or hit. There are exceptions, for example, a girl constantly visited the bathhouse before pregnancy, so she should not change her habits, just treats herself and the child needs to be more careful.

There are gynecologists who believe that the bathhouse helps to get rid of pregnant women from toxicosis, extra pounds, thaws, headache and various skin rashes. The bathhouse is useful for girls suffering from venous expansion of veins.  Girls visiting the sauna give birth easily and quickly. Systematic stay in the steam room significantly strengthens the whole organism and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the future mother. It is the bath that has a beneficial effect on the preparation of a woman for childbirth. After childbirth, many women are so busy with the child that they forget about visiting the sauna – this is in vain, since it will help to return the spent forces faster, increase the flow of breast milk, and relieve a stressful mood.

Before you go to the bathhouse during pregnancy, consult your gynecologist. If you have not visited this institution before, then you have nothing to do there before in the fifteenth week of pregnancy. In the bath you need to relax and get rid of negative emotions. You need to visit it no more than once a week and no more than fifteen minutes. There must be a hat on the head, which will protect the head and hair. Leaving the steam room, plunge with your head into the cool water of the pool. Try to drink more to get rid of toxins and salts. But this during pregnancy is very harmful with edema. If there is an opportunity to drink tea or infusions of herbs instead of water, then drink better.   When going to the bath, in addition to the cap, take with you more rubber cutters and a bedspread, which can be put on a shelf on which you will relax. Follow all these recommendations, and going to the bathhouse will be unforgettable and safe during pregnancy.