Powder paint: features and advantages

Powder paints acquired their fame in the world a little whiter 30 years ago. At the same time, almost immediately after its appearance, these coatings occupied a rather extensive market segment, becoming a competitive alternative to traditional paintwork.

Powder coating today is the most popular alternative to the usual application of liquid varnish materials. Powder coating is an environmentally friendly method of creating a variety of high quality coatings.

Powder paints are available in the form of finely dispersed powder obtained by the method of melting film -forming elements (polyester and epoxy resins), pigments and special additives. This mixture is formed in thin plates and crushed.

The formation of the coating is carried out according to a special technology, in which the material is applied with an even layer, and then, under the influence of elevated temperature (up to 200s), is melted, acquiring a continuous shape.

Over the past decade, the powder painting of metal products is used in many areas related to the use of coloring compositions. Moreover, of all products suitable for staining, about 15% is painted precisely with its use.

Powder paint – very economical, non -wasteful material. This is due to the minimum amount of technological actions performed, highly the speed of polymerization of the material and the compactness of equipment. It should be noted here that the powder coating is a solid product, due to which the coefficient of its use reaches 98%.

Powder paint has a high rate of film formation and ease of use. Staining products using powder technology provides high durability, strength and environmental friendliness of the coating.