Possible problems of generators

Generator – an excellent choice for small enterprises, such as a store, gas station, as well as for owners of country houses, cottages or cottages. A reliable, compact, low -winged and economical generator will easily provide the necessary electricity.

Among the whole variety of portable electrical installations, sdmo generators are most popular. The installations presented by this company are divided into: gasoline, diesel, welding, motorcycle films and mini power plants.

Each type of generators has its own area of ​​application and differs a number of features. To develop small capacities, use the SDMO HX 4000 generator. This gasoline unit is designed to provide electricity with a total capacity of not more than 4 kW. The Honda GX270 engine has a built -in oil level sensor, which allows you to prevent damage to the mechanisms with insufficient oil. This model is very compact, which allows you to move the generator without difficulty without using transport. This power plant has a pipe for exhaust gases, which helps to reduce the noise level. The unit is equipped with a 6 -liter tank, which allows you to work without refueling 4, 5 hours.

SDMO generators, like any other technique, require care and can sometimes work malfunctioning. Before starting, it is necessary to inspect the generator, check the level of oil, the presence of external damage, etc. D., But even proper care and proper operation cannot guarantee that the installation will work correctly and without failures. Small breakdowns nevertheless happen and can be eliminated independently, without contacting the service center. Below is a list of frequent breakdowns and ways to eliminate them.

The engine does not start. The installation is under load during launch – turn off the load. Low fuel level – add fuel. Flow or clogging of the fuel hose – clean or replace the hose.

The engine stops. Ventilation holes are clogged – clean the protective grilles of ventilation holes.

No voltage to the gu. Defense machine is faulty – check, replace, repair. The power cords are not working – replace. The protection machine opened the circuit – it is necessary to transfer the protection machine to the “v.”. A variable current generator is faulty – check, replace, repair.

The protection machine opened the chain. The power cord or electrical equipment is faulty – check, replace, repair.

Today, many manufacturers advise at least once every six months to fully check the work of generators at service centers and/or call specialists. Pay attention in timely and correct small breakdowns T. To. In the future, this will help to avoid more serious consequences and unnecessary costs, keep the generator installation clean, clean from dust, since a large number of plumers affects performance. Do not save on fuel and lubricants, and your generator will serve you for a long time and without failures.