Porsche 911 added 230 liters. With. In honor of the anniversary of the tuning studio Ruf

A studio called RUF was capable of much, but right now a company of whale developers and updated innovations in honor of its anniversary presented to the public its RUF RT 35 car. The machine is designed and updated on the basis of the sports car 911 Carrera S. In the current configuration, the car is able to develop up to 600 horsepower, and this under the most difficult and unsuccessful road conditions what can be. In the case of the update, the case affected the external and more internal state of the car. Thus, everything turned out since it was necessary and at the presentation all those present noted the highest indicators compared to the original model, which in turn could simply even live with other competitors from this industry of tuning cars.

Porsche 911 is equipped with the latest auto -register, reviews and ratings that can be found on the Internet.

The sports car has large high -speed and visual advantages, as a result of which it can be competed on the road with more expensive versions of other manufacturers, which in turn are not yet ready to represent expensive versions of cars in the hands of an studio and all possible fashion designers.

The car can accelerate to 100 km in 3 seconds, due to which such capacities can be justified on the highway and on all possible pedestals of the entire racing world in our difficult and interesting time.

This conclusion was reached by some journalists who were already able to not only see the car at the stand but who were able to see it in the case in a closed test, immediately after the presentation.

Thus, all those who want to get acquainted with this product will be able to engage in a particular team of journalists without any problems and, at the next presentation, try in practice all the charms of the car on the track and inside the salon.

Strong equipment, high -quality body kit and gearboxes made of good materials may seem not only interesting, but the highest quality in the entire automotive world among competitors.

Everyone who wants to go now and even earlier could go to the manufacturer’s website or on the site of the direct studio itself, which did all the work on updating the car. There you can find the most necessary and most interested characteristics on

car, regarding configurations and on issues regarding a new unique whale from the manufacturer. You can find out about future presentations and manufactured products directly on the site by watching the news tape.