Plastering walls in wooden houses

There are still not rare cases when people buy apartments in houses, the buildings of the mid-20th century. Someone loves the apartments of the old layout, someone simply does not have enough money for housing in a new building. But regardless of the reason for the acquisition of such housing, it inevitably has to do major repairs in it.

If in brick houses you can still level the walls without resorting to the complete removal of the old plaster, and by dismantling only areas that have weak adhesion with the wall, then repairing wooden houses has to either mount the plasterboard on the walls, or completely remove the old plaster and apply a layer of new.

Purreling of wooden surfaces has its own characteristics, in particular, the surface should be upholstered with a handle and if when you remove the old plaster you damaged it, or you saw that it became unusable you will need to mount it again.

To increase sound and thermal insulation, it is recommended to put a layer of insulating material to the surface under the fight. Plassing is carried out by a lime solution, the layer should not be thicker than 30-40 millimeters. After the plaster dries, the finish can be done.