Pilomaterials for competent repair

Now any interior decoration of the premises does not appear without competent use of different lumber. The trends of modern design dictate the use of a wide selection of finishing materials, but it is very important that it is precisely the lumber that have valuable indicators, reliable and durable. They have unique characteristics with which you can give the interior a rich appearance.

It is worth noting that only trusted companies are worth buying lumber from the manufacturer.

The main types of use of lumber for competent repair:

1. Block House – finishing material made according to advanced standards and technologies. Produce it from wood of various rocks of the highest quality. In the production of the House block, larch and cedars were preferred. Block House is used for decoration purposes for the finishing of hallways, office and kitchen premises. This lumber goes well with other finishing materials.

2. Log – a type of wooden beam produced using special technology. Lining from cedar or pine is perfect for finishing houses and apartments. The lining is also produced from larch, linden, aspen and other wood species. The finish of the lining of balconies and loggias was widely used, as well as in country houses, it is successfully used on attic rooms and verandas.

3. Imitation of the beam – finishing lumber, which is preferably produced from glued beams and larch. This material is ideal for inexpensive repair. Imitation of the beam at the price has a large selection of sentences, they depend on the wood used, on the method of production of lumber.

4. Sport board – fashionable and modern material for the preparation and decoration of the flooring. The sex board is made on modern technological equipment. High -quality sexual board, which will not be difficult to purchase, will bring comfort and comfort to each house. The price of the reproductive board largely depends on the used wood.