Perfect eye makeup

We began to consider the issue of proper makeup, affecting the same little things that, one way or another, directly affect the process of makeup itself. This time we will talk directly about how to make eye makeup correctly.

The first and basic rule: get acquainted with your type, remember, I have already talked about it somehow. Second, use high -quality eye cosmetics, in particular for the eyelids, because the eyelids, like the neck, are the most delicate part of the whole body. So, you have selected the right shade of shadows. Now we need to apply them on the age.

Generally speaking, telling how exactly to apply shadows in words correctly in words is probably somewhat stupid. Among other things, to choose how to correctly combine colors for every girl, that is, for anyone is quite difficult, each his own. I can only say that the pink shadows that look almost like blush are not going to anyone. They create the effect of the painfulness of the eyelid and the eyes. Blue shadows also do not go, if they paint it monotonously, they create the effect of a few ineptness. Therefore, if you use blue shadows, then choose a mother -of -pearl, oil or with brilliance, and even better the shadow of three shades. First, the darkest is applied along the edge, then on the lower eyelid is a little lighter, and finally on the upper lightest shade.

As for the choice of carcass, then already see what your eyelashes are. If thin, then your mascara is suitable, if thick, but short, then for long. Personally, I use two carcasses at the same time: then the result is really amazing. There is another option: overhead eyelashes. In general, the only problem with overhead eyelashes is to glue them. For some time I practiced the use of overhead eyelashes, nevertheless, after a rather short time I came to the conclusion that overhead eyelashes are a disgusting option, since it is very, very inconvenient (they are peeled off, on the contrary, they are so glued that them then do not tear off), so I returned to the use of the carcass. If you still decide to use overhead eyelashes, then it should be noted that after you glue them, do not forget to always bring with a black liquid eyeliner at the junction – then it will not be so noticeable that you have overhead eyelashes.

At the end of the article I can offer in words one type of makeup, which goes almost any type of girls. Apply pink shadows with brilliance (namely with brilliance), a shade of pale pink. Then add a little black to the corner of the eye (a drop!), blend them in the form of a triangle as an eyelid – this is a petal, and the corner is the tip of the petal, which joins the middle of the flower. Bring your eyes with a black pencil, and then add a little sparkles to the whole eye. Now paint your eyelashes. Paint the eyelashes from the very beginning of them along the entire length, evenly and neatly.