Paul repair and restoration

Living for a while in the apartment, you quickly get used to the floor covering. But over time, the boards of the wooden floor begin to rot a little, and sag in some places. It is necessary to replace the floor, but in situations where the money does not allow, or just like the old coating, you can simply update the floors.

Before starting work, carefully inspect the old flooring, and if the parquet does not have sagging places, it is quite smooth, it is allowed to use it as a basis for the future sex. If the boards creak, you can apply fastening with screws, and put plywood sheets on top, and the plywood should be used not only moisture -resistant, but also with a thickness of at least 10 mm, and laminate can be laid on top of the plywood.

However, the old floor does not always have a decent state, in most cases it must be aligned using self -ventilation mixtures for this. Such materials will help to align the floor by 5 mm height. Some of the compositions can be laid on the wooden boards themselves, but it is worth remembering that first you need to block all the existing cracks in the floor, and only after that start filling.

You should not immediately move on to radical methods of replacing the floor, in some cases it will be sufficient to simply update it, which can be done using tools and certain materials (you need a cycle, then grinding, then tinting, and the last stage is a varnish).

The work is not always smooth, for example, with a plywood coverage of the floor, you should be extremely neat. The plywood floor, due to its subtlety, cannot be grinded, so it must be either repainted or covered with a layer of varnish.

Those who wish to save need to warn that saving on varnish is not the best of ideas. The problem is that you need to cover the floor with varnish more than once, but several, which will allow you to extend its service life for a longer time. In places where the load on the floor is the largest, that is, where you most often go, it is better to use a combination of parquet and tiles.