Paul floor: Features and dignity

Choosing a type of floor covering for your apartment, do not lose sight of the bulk floor, which has many advantages and fits perfectly into any interior.

The bulk floor is one of the types of polymer coatings and is a special liquid solution applied to any base, whether it be tile, stone or concrete. Distinctive features of the bulk floor are strength and durability, resistance to aggressive environment and all kinds of loads (temperature, mechanical).

An important advantage of the bulk floor is that when applying this polymer material forms an absolutely smooth surface without seams and, with some experience, it is quite possible to fill it independently, without attracting professionals for these purposes.

The bulk floors are classified according to the following parameters:

1. Type of binder – polyurethane, epoxy resin, methyl methacrylate.

2. The method of application on the basis. Application of a liquid floor can be carried out with a brush, a roller, a spray, a trowel, there is also a liquid floor that can align yourself.

3. Foundation type – water, solvent.

4. Coating thickness. The bulk floor can be thin -layer (less than 1, 5 mm), thick -layer (more than 2 mm) and highly filled (up to 20 mm).

5. The degree of smoothness of the formed surface. The bulk floor can be smooth, moderately rough or rough.

6. The degree of conductivity of electricity. The bulk floor can be ordinary, t. e. non -conducting electricity, electrical and antistatic.

Today, bulk floors on polyurethane, epoxy and cement foundations are in greatest demand. Distinctive features of polyurethane bulk floor are strength and elasticity, wide color scheme – such a gender is resistant to chemical influences. Polyurethane coating can be used on the streets at negative temperatures. Disadvantage – the coating does not tolerate moisture until completely dry. The epoxy bulk floor is especially suitable as a protective layer for the base of stone, metal, wood, concrete and tiles. The coating layer can fluctuate from 1, 5 to 5 mm. If the epoxy bulk floor is made on a water -based, then it can be applied without fear on a moist basis.

The cement bulk floor can be poured on almost any surface, which favorably distinguishes it among other varieties of bulk floors. In the manufacture of such gender, special additives are used, added to the sand-cement mixture, which betray it special strength. Do not forget that when choosing a bulk floor, the presence and degree of temperature, mechanical and chemical influences, appearance, nature and state of the basis should be taken into account.