Painting a wooden door

If your wooden door is not inhabited by any material, but simply painted, then sooner or later you will have to encounter its painting, because shabby paint and a faded surface do not please the eye. Painting a wooden door is not a particularly difficult stage of restoration, however, here you need to know the basic techniques of staining and conducting related work in order to maximally secure yourself from re -repairs – special attention should be paid to the procedure for applying the paint to the surface of the door.

Before work, you should prepare in advance the entire necessary tool with which we will bring our door to proper state. For painting a wooden door, we need: a grinding machine, a scraper or a spatula, several painting brushes, paint for wooden surfaces, fine -grained sandpaper, as well as a primer for paint (so that the paint is not absorbed into the tree too quickly).

In addition, in the process of working on staining the door we need a table or goats, a hammer, a screwdriver and nails. As for the paint, for the wooden door, ordinary oil paint is quite suitable, which can be served by faith and truth up to 8-10 years. If you are going to paint the entrance wooden door, then you should choose a paint that has increased protection against adverse external conditions – moisture and temperature changes.

For more comfortable and productive work, it is recommended to remove the stained door from the loops and put in a horizontal position on the table or goats – so you will get rid of the ubiquitous smudges from the paint, and work so less tiring. Before painting, it is necessary to remove the old layer of paint with the help of sandpaper and a grinding machine, while you should make sure that the surface of the wooden door is smooth, without any cracks and chips.

To remove the door from the loops, we need a hammer and a screwdriver – the screws need to be inserted into the axis head, then we apply cautious blows with a hammer on its handle. It is advisable to start painting the door from large planes, gradually moving to the ribs of the door structure. Only after the door is completely painted, you should do the painting of fasteners.

If you decide to paint the door in several layers of paint (it will be very useful for the front door), then wait until the first layer of paint dries well, and then go through it with a grinding machine – this will help get rid of unnecessary smudges of paint and eliminate irregularities on the door surface. The second layer of paint should be applied in the same way as the first. After the work is completed, making sure the door is completely painted and the paint has dried up – it can be installed back on the loops.