Oh, these different men and women

If you have never been married or did not try to build a joint life with a man side by side, then it is difficult for you to imagine how different, and sometimes just opposite, a woman and a woman. At the same time, you should not even consider the possibility of re -education of a man. There is no sense in this. How can you change what is laid down by nature in representatives of the opposite sex from ancient times. According to scientists, men, and women are differently programmed by nature. Therefore, in the family life of spouses, often because of this there is a misunderstanding when a woman tries to re-educate a man, to adjust him to her perception of the world. This is basically impossible to do, because both the man and the woman look differently at the same things. No need to re -educate them, you just need to know them better. He sits at the TV all day and constantly crosses the remote control from one channel to another. And it causes you irritation. But as all the same scientists say, the man at this time does not look so much as he thinks. The same applies to the time when the man lies on the couch, staring at some point invisible to you, but understandable only to him. At this moment, most likely he thinks about something important and global. Therefore, at this time, you should not distract him with a request, such as take out garbage or go to the store for shopping. Such a request will cause his discontent, and most likely, a meaningless scandal will occur, which neither you nor he needs. It can be avoided if you behave correctly and reasonably. He will sleep calmly even when the child will cry uneasily. And you should not accuse him of callousness or not love for the child. It’s just that his brain is arranged differently, he is simply not able to quickly respond to children’s crying, while the woman’s brain is able to pull it out of a deep sleep, a minute before the baby crys with me, he doesn’t talk about anything with me, and he, and to him, And he is not interested in what I tell. It is necessary to calmly perceive the fact that the man is more silent. This is due to the fact that the vocabulary of men is much poorer than the female. Therefore, do not be offended by him. As for the seeming indifference at the moment when you tell him something, the brain’s brain is to blame for him. Getting information from you, the man’s brain begins to process it so hard that at this moment he cannot utter a word, and even change his facial expression. He pays attention to short skirts of girls, but is not able to find his own socks, although they always lie on a specially designated shelf. It should be honest that women show no less curiosity in relation to the opposite sex. Just women, unlike men, can hide their curiosity well. As for socks, which, according to men, always disappear somewhere, then everything is guilty of their little developed peripheral vision. Therefore, in order not to worry every time a man begins to look for his socks, shirt, etc. D., It is best to show him where to look for them.