Nutrition of a pregnant woman

Rosehip is a storehouse of vitamins. In spring and winter, there is a lack of fresh vegetables and fruits, so at this time it is necessary to use the infusion of rosehips. How to cook it?

Rosehip fruits need to be chopped and brewed with boiling water. Calculation of this: 1 t. l for 2 cups of water. Boil all 10 minutes., and then strain. A decoction can be stored for a day.

Usually in the first months of pregnancy, appetite in a pregnant woman – lowered. And sometimes there is even aversion to food, especially for fish and meat. This must be taken into account in the first months of pregnancy and selected for yourself, which will be diverse and contain a large number of vitamins, while it should cause your appetite.

At the beginning of pregnancy, nausea and vomiting do not require treatment – this is quite natural. To reduce this unpleasant process, you need to eat more often, but in small portions. In the morning it is best to eat in bed, and after a little lie down.

In the case when vomiting does not stop and becomes too frequent, the woman loses weight and loses its appetite at all, you need to see a doctor for help.

A pregnant woman also has constant thirst. And if it is healthy, then there is no need to limit yourself to drink and drink certain tea, water and milk. But drinking carbonated drinks, beer and any alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Being in the second half of pregnancy, a woman manifests a good appetite.  At this time, it is especially important that it gets useful food enriched with vitamins. Meat needs to eat no more than 100-150 g. for 1 day or 200 g. fish.

Limit yourself in the use of meat soups, it will annoy your kidneys. And in the last month of pregnancy, meat soups should be replaced by vegetable or milk, and the meat is eaten only boiled and 3 times a week – not more often!

Also in the second half of pregnancy, milky-ray food and more different vegetables, fruits and berries are recommended-fresh.

No need to be afraid to eat raw vegetables and fruits during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, but do not forget to rinse them with boiled water. As a result of such a diet, the work of the kidneys is much facilitated, because the load on them during pregnancy is and so high.

If severe toxicosis, swelling appears, urine composition changes, it is necessary to sharply reduce the amount of liquid consumed, consumed only undercut food and completely abandon fish and meat dishes.

It happens that in recent months of pregnancy there is a constipation. And to improve the intestines, you need to consume such products: black bread, beets, yogurt, as well as cabbage and carrot salads. It is better to eat salads on an empty stomach, eat an apple or drink compote, a glass of water at room temperature (boiled).

Without a doctor’s prescription, take laxatives – it is not recommended! This can cause uterine contraction.