NOLTE kitchens: German quality

Book means the decor of this magnificent kitchen, which you can cook together with your family or friends. If you try wine at the decorative table, then for others the plate will become a meeting place for communication. Lago is generous, but not wasteful: because behind this spacious kitchen is the idea that a joint lunch does not end with the last piece.

With such an open nature with rounded fronts and cozy shelves, you will understand that beautiful evenings do not have to end in front of the TV. The kitchen is notle Country Country the charm of rural areas: with its excellent location in the room, with its yellow front, finished with a dark cherry, and its classic pilasters, she will have an impression on the modern citizen. Because this kitchen always means natural elegance.

Salerno classic and modern stylish elements are complemented in this example from the Salerno program in one common picture. The classic in this kitchen at all times are doors made of woody mass in the color of dark cherries, pilaster elements and a presentable kitchen buffet. Modern accent give various design elements in the optics of aluminum and steel.

Antik style of a village house without lush details – it is also suitable for the city style. A nostalgic charm gives the antique front, stylish pilasters and glass doors with Japanese ornaments white in kantas. Everything is combined with highly modern functionality, which turns work and life in such a kitchen into special pleasure.

Como Purism for especially demanding – clear lines, a clear distribution of space, clear fronts in the color of a dark cherry – decor. With such an abundance of elegance, the understanding with which you only at the second glance at your kitchen evaluate the variety of elements. And only later behind Capacchio – a freely designed dining table in front of a wall panel – you will appreciate it.