Newborn children – special creatures. They come to this world helpless, not owning any survival skills. Regardless of where the child is born – in the best metropolitan maternity hospital or Eskimo yurt, his life completely depends on parents and others. But do not forget that let newborns and cannot serve themselves, the degree of their adaptation to the environment is truly unique, and the needs are minimal: sleep, food, fresh air in sufficient quantities, clothing for the season. Everything seems so simple and difficult at the same time.

Newborn children and changes in the usual way of family

It is believed that the period of newborn is 28 days, in fact – the first month. It is this month that becomes the most difficult for many families, because newborn children require constant attention. The young mother is so passionate about the care of the baby that the rest of the family, especially older children, can feel unnecessary. On the other hand, if the child is not the first – certain skills are already there, the family approximately knows what he will face and is ready for changes. In many families where newborn-provers appear, on the basis of chronic fatigue, frequent children’s crying and other phenomena, problems, mutual reproaches can begin. Newborn children, even if they are still children, in fact, everything feels, and if tension is in the air, if parents often quarrel, the child will be restless. Therefore, it is very important even before the birth of the baby to equip his life as much as possible so that the house and other economic affairs are not a lot of time to maintain order in the house.

Care for newborn children

As mentioned above, newborns have a unique ability to adapt, and even in the first days after birth their body is not as defenseless as it might seem. They do not need the sterility of all objects with which they are in contact. Of course, nipples or bottles must be boiled or scalded with boiling water, but in general, the child from birth should be in the habitat that will surround it later. After all, it is not for nothing that children, who from childhood are protected from drafts, rain, raw air, then more often sick.

Undoubtedly, newborns require increased attention. But most importantly, and by no means the most difficult: to provide the child with a sufficient number of walks, food by need and in the required quantity, do not forget to change the diapers and diapers in time to avoid the appearance of diaper. Newborn children very subtly feel the mood of the mother, so all the manipulations need to be done in a good mood – and then the baby will also be satisfied and calm.

Newborn children and features of their food

In the first days of the baby’s life, his digestive system passes the process of adaptation to a new type of food – breast milk or artificial mixture. Newborn children eat a little: on the first day after birth, the baby accommodates only 20-30 ml of milk, every day this amount is gradually increasing.

Proper nutrition in the first days after birth is the key to good nervous and physical development. Therefore, newborn children should ideally receive mother’s milk or (instead of it or as an addition) – a high -quality mixture.

Of course, the best food that newborn children can (and should) be) is mother’s milk. It contains the entire complex of trace elements, vitamins and biologically active substances that are important for the full development of the whole organism. Maternal milk should receive not only newborns – according to the recommendations of WHO, natural feeding is preferably preserved up to 6 months.

In case of insufficient amount of milk in the mother or in its absence, special artificial mixtures are used to feed newborns. They are most adapted to breast milk and contain all the valuable substances necessary for the child.