Necessary calculations before laying tiles

To make the tile easier, you should prepare a rail, or a piece of profile, mark the width of three tiles on the rail itself, given the seams (their width). This tool will be called a template to control the size.

You need to start laying the tile from the lower levels. Laying should be carried out in small areas, since the application of the solution will be difficult to a long section, also the quality control of the tiles must be carried out. To adjust the evenness of the masonry, you can narrow and expand the seams.

Set the rail in level and attach it to the wall. It is necessary to further determine where the center of the wall is located. You can apply a large -scale ruler and apply seams called vertical (tags are specially applied to designate vertical rows). This is not to shift the row to the side, as this will affect the general view of the room.

It is necessary to visually choose the width of the future seam. It is also affected by the quality of the manufactured tile, the higher it is, the less you can make the width of the seam and vice versa. To take into account changes in the height of the room that may differ.