Natural linoleum and his brothers

One of the most practical flooring is linoleum, but few people know that this material is considered a natural and environmentally friendly product. And all by the fact that for a long time many materials were made that are similar to linoleum and have an identical name. Real, natural linoleum began to produce in the last century. For its manufacture, linseed oil, natural dyes, wood flour and cork were used, and then the whole mixture was rolled onto a jute grid.

All the materials that are now improving linoleum are very easy to distinguish from natural, it is noticeable in structure and density. And also, natural linoleum is a homogeneous product, the surface of which is covered with varnish for shine. Using natural linoleum for flooring, you can save a lot, since this product is very durable, fireproof and does not absorb moisture.

The cost of this material is several times higher than the usual linoleum, but it pays for it. During styling, natural linoleum does not require special conditions, so everyone can cover with linoleum. During laying, the most important thing is to correctly measure the rooms, and clean the floor surface from dust, and then the work of the equipment. Another main advantage of natural linoleum is that the width of the canvas can exceed one and a half meters, which allows you to cover the surface without seams.