Mustard hair mask: recipes provides accelerated hair growth.

Mustard provokes increased blood flow in the area of ​​hair follicles, thereby the hair gets additional nutrition and grows much better.

The main rules for applying a mustard mask:

– It is necessary to distribute the mask exclusively on the roots to avoid overdrying the rest of the hair. A burning sensation that will appear when applying a mask should be moderate. In case of discomfort, as part of the mask, it is necessary to reduce the concentration of mustard powder; – Before use, check if you have a mustard allergy; – the frequency of use of the mask is directly determined by the hair type. Oily hair will require re -use of the mask. Dry hair must be subjected to the procedure 2 times more often; – Dilute mustard powder should only be boiled water. It is optimal to use water with a temperature of 45-50 g. Hot water will only spoil the hair; – should only be applied to unwashed hair. The rest are lubricated by balm to avoid overdrying them; – for allergy sufferers, the use of the mask is not recommended.


Mask with Vit. A. For its manufacture, you will need components (quantity in tablespoons): – castor, sugar and burdock oil – 1, – mustard – 2, – water (50 degrees) – 2, – vit. A (bought in a pharmacy), – yolk.

Everything is mixed to a homogeneous consistency, and then applied to the roots. The mask should be gently rubbed into the hair of the head and wrapped with cling film. The first mask lasts 18-20 minutes.. Subsequently, we increase to 1 hour. Apply a mask should be at least 1 p. /Ned. for 3 months.

In addition, various plant components can be used in mustard masks. For a mustard mask with starch, it will be required (the amount is indicated in the tablespoons):

– starch, mustard powder and honey – 1, – sourdough – 2, – lemon juice – 2. The resulting mixture is applied directly to the roots and washed off after 35-38 minutes.

For weak hair, a mask from the following components is used (the amount is indicated in the tablespoons): – mustard powder and oil – 1, – 30% cream. Keep the mask 36-38 min.

Tea mustard mask (the number of components is indicated in the tablespoons): – Black tea – 2, – mustard powder – 1, – yolk. Apply for half an hour.

However, the best approach when choosing a mustard mask is repulsive from the type of hair. There are many recipes that are optimally suitable for each type.

The systematic use of the mask will increase the length of the hair in a month by several centimeters, restore volume and strengthen weak curls. Hair will grow thicker. The result can be objectively evaluated by the appearance of small hairs on the frontal part of the head.