Mosaic polymer -cement coatings

Mosaic polymer -cement coatings are used in places that need impact resistance and strength. There are several types of such coatings that differ in the material.

For example, there is a type of coatings that contain latex chloroprene rubber. To obtain floors of an elastic coating, this substance is necessary. Before starting work, you need to prepare the solution. Add a stabilizer and latex to it.

After it, you need to mix and fill it with pigments and cement, while we must not forget that the fillers need to be added. In certain proportions, you need to make a mixture, so that it is enough, not less than an hour, because it loses its properties somewhere in the first 60 minutes. Before applying the mixture to the floor, it is necessary to primed the surface with diluted latex.

Polymer -cement coatings can be of different shades and colors depending on the quality of the pigment. It contains a mixture of zinc and soot oxide, the color will be dark gray at the same time. Apply simple zinc oxide, the color will be light gray. Pink color will have floors if you use iron oxide. Polymer -cement coatings are very suitable for any establishments.

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