Mirror in the bathroom: We expand and decorate the space

The isolation of the bathroom space can be overcome by visually expanding it with the help of mirrors and mirror surfaces, in particular the mirror ceiling. The illusion of an infinitely reflected and not having a visual boundary of space creates a strong emotional effect. Metal frames of mirror panels can be repeated in the joints of the walls, covering the rough boundaries of tiles.

This is an additional decorative touch that gives the completeness of the entire plan. Mignon bulbs can be mounted in a mirror ceiling. Crushing the light in reflection of the mirrors, they give the bathroom a fantastic look of a crystal casket. Mirrors and lamps carry the main decorative load in the bathroom. The mirror not only meets its intended purpose, but also plays an important semantic role.

The mirror surface contains a frozen image of water – the main partner of a person in the bathroom. The mirror allows a person not only to look at himself from the side, but also to look into himself, to meet with his own eyes. It creates a moment of silence and complete intimacy. And this is one of the highest appointments of the bathroom. The shape of the mirror can be any, and its frame should be made of stainless metal or plastic – after all, in the bathroom. The mirror without frames in general looks very natural in the bathroom, just with a beautiful fatcet (in living rooms or bedrooms, such mirrors without frames would look naked).

Oval mirrors, as well as with an arched outline on top, correspond to the retro style. For retro with pronounced modern intonations, mirrors of a more bizarre shape, resembling petals and silhouettes of drooping stems are suitable. Round mirrors are good in the bathroom of the sea style, they will resemble the portholes of the ship. Rectangular mirrors will support the severity of modern design. There are more complex options: the mirror is assembled from several wings on hinges, like a classic treel, or mounted from several panels like a fan or shell.

For compactness, the mirror can be mounted in the form of doors into a flat locker for all detergents and bath accessories. It should be somewhat wider than the sink so that it can come closer and consider yourself more later. And the mirror mounted in the wall along the bath is already a game, a small theater for one spectator.