Marry the Italian

A large number of Russian girls are dreamed of marriage to marry a charming Italian man. But are they so beautiful and desired as we think? And also what life awaits the girl after marriage?

The beauty of Russian girls is unusual for Italians. Most often they like girls with long -haired light girls with blue eyes, like the sky. Is it just to marry a wealthy Italian man? Not at all. Italians have a very strong relationship with relatives, so they will not give a rich groom so easily. There are, of course, exceptions, but in very rare cases.

Who is looking for a bride in Russia?

The main contingent of those who want to connect their lives with a Russian girl are poor young Italians who are not in demand among local girls.

There is still such a composition of young guys as football players in Italy. They are rich, beautiful, very popular, but you simply can not break through to such men. And the female team for them is this model or beauties from television. So this category for girls from Russia can be missed.

Russian girls do not rarely get divorced, not rich Italians who first look at the decent of the girl, and then find themselves in the “paws” of an adventurer who does not understand the means at all.

Marry a millionaire

There are times when a Russian girl marries a wealthy Italian man. In such family ties, they devote all the time to the house and family. No one will appreciate her two higher formations, she should not be too smart and curious. And no one will allow money to dispose of the way she wants. There will be a evil mother or a hated aunt, who mentally, but humiliatingly explains to the daughter -in -law that money does not belong to her and you can spend it as much as she costs.

If the daughter-in-law still manages to save some part of the allocated funds, then you do not need to notify the household about it, otherwise the next time there will be less money on the same amount saved.

Italians are very fond of children, these little chubby men. The wife’s duty includes supervision of the kids and their constant delivery. Perhaps, of course, to use the services of nannies and servants, but you should remember where it all began. Therefore, the Italian husband can easily replace the “old” spouse with a “new” or just get a mistress, without hiding this from his current wife.

As for sex, he will be in his free time from work and hobbies. Therefore, the Russian spouse should patiently expect when her husband has a desire and he will visit her in bed. She does not need to show her initiative and pester her husband, otherwise he will take her for a nympho or begin to doubt his male power. And immediately run to check his strength for his mistress, and he will certainly tell parents all the details. So the girl should be prepared for her an unpleasant intimate conversation with her mother -in -law.

As already mentioned, the Italians are very strong, so if there is a choice: “Either I, or Mom”, then the answer will certainly be “Mom”. And this is not because he is a son and cannot make decisions on his own, just from Italians a mother is always in the first place. So if the girl made an offer to marry an Italian and start a life together, then, first of all, you need to find a common language with his mother.