Makeup for round eyes

Many girls with round eyes would like to visually make them longer. But not everyone knows that it is completely easy to do with the help of proper makeup. Giving the eyes with a round shape an almond -shaped incision using small tricks and a minimum of cosmetics, will make your gaze mysterious and charming.

Preparing a face for cosmetics

On a clean face, we apply the basis for makeup, which will help to mask dark circles under the eyes and refresh the complexion. At this stage, it is important to apply the cream evenly, a special foam sponge will help in this.

We proceed to makeup

The method of applying cosmetics to round eyes is very simple. To hide the excessive roundness of the eye, we use light colors, and to lengthen the eyes and give them the amygdala, we use dark tones accordingly.

So we start. From the inner corner of the eye, we paint the mobile eyelid in a bright color, and from the middle of the century we use dark colors and bring them to the edge of the motionless part of the century, as a result there will be a dark triangle, which spreads beyond the outer corner of the eye in the external end of the eyebrow, this technique very simple and gives excellent results.

Using a cosmetic eyeliner, draw a flat line along the line of growth of the upper eyelashes, gradually thickening it, moving to the outer corner of the eye. We bring the lower eyelids similarly, but already with the help of a black or brown pencil, also a thickening line of the eyeliner towards the outer corner. Then we apply cosmetic mascara to the eyelashes and the elegant almond -shaped eyes look at you, beckoning their mystery and charming.

Tips for choosing the color of shadows

Since a distinctive feature of such makeup is the mandatory presence of two shades of shadows, they need to be selected very carefully. Dark colors should not be too bright and screaming. For this type of makeup, colors from warm brown gamut are the best suited. In this case, take a beige or cream color as a light base, and to lengthen the shape of the eye, you can use warm chocolate color. Mascara and pencil in this case should also be brown. Such makeup is suitable for any eye color and counts perfectly with the clothes of brown shades, as well as with black outfits.

If your eyes are light, then you can choose blue or green shades, but make sure that they are not too bright. For owners of dark eyes, it is recommended to use burgundy and dark brown colors. Do not forget to fit the border of flowers well, otherwise your makeup will look unnatural. Another secret for stretching the shape of the eyes is to apply a carcass at an angle, stretching the eyelashes towards the temples. When making any face makeup, you should carefully select clothes and accessories. The colors in the outfit must be echoed with makeup flowers. But should not merge with him. A few strokes such as a scarf and a handbag will be enough.