Makeup base

All women deserve to be beautiful and, first of all, this applies to the face, but for one reason or another, not everyone has beautiful skin and correct facial features. You can correct natural shortcomings using cosmetics. To make the face perfect, it is necessary to use high -quality cosmetics and, first of all, take care of the selection of the correct base for makeup.

But before you start covering your face with creams, powders, mousses and other means, you must definitely decide on the desired type of masking of skin irregularities, its fat content and color. Well, then you can already choose a brand and put the bar according to the quality of products.

So, let’s go in order, simultaneously choosing the best option for all skin features. The first point is the degree of camouflage, which can provide the base for makeup. To make it easier to understand, conditionally divide the types of skin into three groups: even and smooth, with small irregularities, uneven and with scars.

For an almost perfect surface of the face, you can safely take a liquid base for makeup, or even a tone moisturizer. With skillful application, the effect will be simply amazing. If the skin is slightly rough, then you should choose a cream or mousse. The latest options for makeup have a denser consistency and hide uneven areas. Small scars and problematic skin involve the use of dry basics for makeup (powder) or even compact (cream) with the addition of concealer.

Next, we determine the fat content of the skin: normal, dry, oily. And, based on this, select the base for makeup. In this case, there is one simple rule: the dry the skin, the easier it should be the base for makeup. The most “light” are produced in liquid form, and the most “heavy” – in powders, which sometimes also mix with other means, for example, with a concealer.

As for the color of the face, one recommendation also applies here: the smoother complexion of the face, the easier the base for makeup. You can experiment with shades, but it is better to choose a tone that will be close to your natural face tone.

The recommendations given can be considered the basis for choosing the basis for makeup. Well, then we ask friends and friends about which brands they prefer, read the composition of products (especially important for allergies) and try.

This is perhaps that is all. May beauty and charm become your constant and companions!