Lozhny face massage

Massage according to the Koch method or a false facial massage, although it appeared recently, has already managed to gain popularity among the fair sex. The thing is that this type of massage does not require any supernatural skills and expensive equipment. Learning to perform a lifting facial massage is quite simple. In addition, the tools (spoons) will be found in every house. Thus, you will become beautiful without expenses for a specialist, interior and expensive cosmetics. It is not surprising that the lifting massage of the face is so popular.

Facial lodge massage is best done with a soup or teaspoon. It is good if the spoon is silver or melchior. The spoon can be cooled, heat, flavor. In addition to spoons, prepare the blowing of the face that will make the lifting massage of the face even more pleasant and effective: vegetable and essential oils, honey, chopped ice, moisturizing cream.

Keep in mind that the effect of the procedure is noticeable, it should be regular.

Facial is best done in the morning in the morning, before breakfast. It will not take much time-20-30 minutes will be quite enough. The skin must be prepared, so clean it in a convenient way for you, apply a cream or oil. Having started massage, remember the massage movements. The main movement is circular. If you are moving clockwise, then do it with a little pressure. If the movement is counterclockwise, then it must be stroking. Massage it is necessary for those parts of the face on which wrinkles appeared. Such a lifting facial massage requires a spoon heated in warm water and oil lubricated. The oil nourishes the skin, and the movement of the spoon will help it become elastic and give clarity to the contours of the face.

If you do a lifting face massage, and at the same time you are interested in the skin of the eyelids, then for such a massage you need to use a spoon previously lowered into stabbed ice. This type of massage will help get rid of dark circles under the eyes and edema. However, it should be borne in mind that if there are rashes or redness on the skin, then the spoon massage of the face using a cold spoon cannot be carried out.

The neck massage is carried out in the same way as the facial massage, only movements should be softer and smooth.

Here, in principle, and all you need to know. By the way, with the help of spoons they do not only facial massage, but also massage of problematic parts of the body, such as the stomach, the area of ​​the buttocks, hips and others.

The spine massage of the face will help your skin become more elastic and improve blood supply and lymph flow.