List of drugs for allergies

Among the treatment of allergies include specific immunotherapy, elimination therapy and drug treatment. The latter in our ranks is most common, and any pharmacy is ready at your request to give an impressive list of drugs for allergies.

Still, it is interesting what is the loud name “Eliiminal therapy”? This is the creation of comfortable conditions without dust, household chemicals, wool and pollen. In general, this is a prevention that will not remember the list of drugs for allergies.

Another method – specific immunomination is suitable for eliminating the problem of allergies more comprehensively and seriously than a list of drugs for allergies. Treatment occurs according to the principle of “a wedge is knocked out”. After a series of samples, an exact list of allergens for a particular organism is revealed. And work begins on the gradual administration of the microdosis of these substances to the patient. The impact is much weaker than the list of drugs for allergies. But the effect persists for a long time.

And now more about the list of drugs for allergies. Since this season you were unable to avoid half alinosis and take a course of allergovaccination, you will have to act in pills. A list of drugs for allergies can be divided into three groups of substances: antihistamines, cromons and hormones-corticosteroids.

The list of drugs for antihistamine allergies blocks the effect of the immune system on allergens. They relieve swelling, remove a rash and tearfulness. Modern pharmaceutical companies produce antihistamines in the form of drops, tablets, capsules, sprays, syrups, ointments. The most modern, released without a prescription, can be called Setastin, Fenistil, Claritin, Zodak, Erius, Telfast, Tavegil, etc. D. This list of drugs for allergies can be continued for a long time, since even one active substance can have a dozen trade names.

Crosmons contain cromlycated or undercurler. Such drugs are included in the list of drugs for allergies of long -term exposure. Treatment is carried out by a number of courses, it is advisable to use as a prevention before the seasonal exacerbations of allergies.

Corticosteroid hormones are widely used as local treatment, for deep inhalations. The list of drugs for allergies of this type should be for every doctor who observes allergy sufferers and asthmatics. A pocket inhaler for this category of people becomes an ambulance and prevents light swelling. In addition to the inhalation form, hormone -containing drugs are included in the list of drugs for allergies in the form of ointments and sprays. They are often used to treat atopic dermatitis, eczema even in children, but strictly according to the appointment of a doctor.