Linseed oil for hair

Len is one of the most common plants in the vastness of our country. It is not surprising, in connection with this, and that it has long been used for healing and cosmetic purposes. They use flax and now, both in folk medicine and in cosmetology. For hair care, it is most convenient to use linen natural oil squeezed from the seeds of this valuable plant. Using the unique healing properties of linen oil for hair care, perhaps even if you really want to, you can hardly find negative reviews about hair linen oil. On the contrary, almost everyone who tried it speaks only positively. And not in vain, because the linseed oil used for hair is a wonderful, unique and very useful product that contains the record content of omega-3 acids, as well as several important vitamins (A, E, F). If we talk about values ​​from the point of view of biology, then linseed oil occupies an honorable first place, leaving the rest of the dietary oil. It would be a great omission not to use such an amazing natural product to improve hair condition. Thanks to the regular use of linen oil for hair care, they become obedient, soft, shiny and begin to grow significantly faster. In addition to normal hair care, natural linseed oil can be used to treat dry seborrhea. Flaxseed oil is rubbed into the hair roots and is left for at least two hours. You need to carry out the procedure about three times a week for one month, then, if desired, after two weeks you can repeat everything again. Hair masks based on linseed oil are not fundamentally, where to purchase linseed oil – in a pharmacy or store, the main thing is that it is natural and sold in a darkened bottle. The color of the oil should be yellow, the liquid itself – transparent, without impurities and sediment, and, most importantly, without smell. Linen oil is low -fat and quickly absorbed, so it can be used for different hair types. All masks are applied according to one principle. First, the mixture is gently rubbed into the roots, then evenly, using a comb is applied to the hair. After application, the head should be covered with plastic film, for the best effect to the film you can add a towel. The duration of the procedure is about an hour and a half. Flash oil masks are easily washed off under running warm water. To prepare a therapeutic mask for string hair, 150 ml of linseed oil and about 100 g of recently torn and finely chopped burdock root will be required. Leave the resulting mixture for a day to infuse at room temperature, and then boil for 20-25 minutes, stirring continuously. After the mass cools, strain and apply to the hair for no more than an hour and a half. Then wash off. A mask of linen natural oil for dry hair is made as follows: two linseed oil and lemon juice are mixed in proportion, after which the resulting mixture is applied to the hair, before rubbing it into the scalp. Brown hair can be treated with a mask of linseed oil with the addition of egg yolk. For long hair, the yolks of two eggs are required (for medium length – one yolk), and 2 tablespoons of natural linseed oil. The components are mixed, after which the mixture is applied to the hair. To improve hair growth, the following mask is used. Linseed oil and honey in equal proportions are mixed with a pre -chopped small onion. The resulting composition is rubbed into the scalp and applied to the hair. The mask has a high level of efficiency, the only negative is a weak smell of onions emanating from the hair. In order for the hair to grow faster, you can sometimes make an alcohol mask: equal shares of linseed oil and vodka (or alcohol) are mixed, the resulting composition is applied for one hour, then washed off. It is not difficult to use linseed oil, and, believe me – your hair will be grateful to you if once a week you will pamper them with a mask of such a wonderful, natural product as linen oil. The result in the form of luxurious, smooth, shiny hair will not be long in coming.