Light concrete: advantages and use

Light concrete can be obtained on the basis of reeds, slag, straw, cement, clay, etc. D. Light concrete on porous aggregates is used for low-rise construction (buildings with two to three floors).

Halc -concrete is obtained when mixing fuel or metallurgical slag with a binder component. At the same time, slag concrete is light and durable, one and a half times warmer than brick and much cheaper. Slag concrete walls, with a qualitatively performed foundation, can stand at least fifty years old.

Slag concrete can be made from fuel slags. Let them be inferior to metallurgical, but they are much easier to get. It is not recommended to use slags from brown coal (they are not too durable). But the slags resulting from the burning of anthracites are more durable. The granulometric composition of slag affects the strength and heat -protective qualities of slag concrete. Therefore, it is worth remembering that with large slag, concrete will turn out to be light, but not the most durable, but with small – denser and warmer.

For the manufacture of the astringent, lime or clay is added to the cement, with which slag concrete is plastic and used. In the manufacture of slag concrete with your own hands, you need to follow the same sequence as in the manufacture of ordinary concrete. First of all, you need to mix cement, sand and slag, and everything is dry. And only then add the dough of lime or clay and water, after which everything is mixed well. The resulting mixture, as a rule, can only be used within two hours after preparation.

Slag concrete should be applied in layers with a thickness of fifteen to twenty centimeters. After one or two days you can rearrange the formwork. It is also necessary for seven to ten days to shade the finished casting of slag concrete from sunlight, and in dry weather also moisturize. You can apply plaster for a monolithic wall made of slag concrete only three to four weeks after construction. It is necessary that slag concrete is well dried and gained strength.

To finish the finished wall, you can use brick cladding, it will help protect slag concrete from external influences and make the walls more durable. Also, brick cladding will give the wall a more attractive appearance. To accelerate the construction process, you can purchase ready -made slag concrete blocks.

Opilc concrete is also prepared in the same way. The preparation process is similar to the preparation of slag concrete, with the only difference being that water is served in small portions (best from the watering can). Unlike slag -concrete, opilco concrete gains strength much longer and dries. It can also be purchased in the form of ready -made blocks.