Leather wallpaper: a unique home decor

Since ancient times, the skin has been used as a material for interior decoration. Over time, the types of this material, methods of processing and use began to change, but the popularity of the skin has not become at all below.

According to historical data, the walls began to be finished with skin since the existence of Byzantium, where the icons were applied to the leather basis. Nowadays, leather wallpaper is used for decoration for rooms. This material for wall decoration can have the most diverse texture and coloring, produced exclusively in high quality.

For the manufacture of such wallpaper, the skin of the North American buffalo is used. The skin is subjected to the tanning process with plant substances, and is also painted and treated with bee wax. After all the processing, environmentally friendly material is obtained with a unique texture.

Also, leather wallpaper requires minimal care – they can be cleaned with ordinary water. And they are also not subject to time – it makes them even more attractive and mysterious.

Leather wallpaper, as already mentioned, is a completely expensive option. If there are not enough funds for such wallpapers, then you can use the substitute in the form of a vinyl that imitates the skin. Of course, you cannot compare with real skin wallpaper, but still a luxurious look of the apartment can be given.

In addition, decorative panels and ornaments can be made from wallpaper. The skin will look great in combination with another finish, for example, plaster. Also, gold or silver embossing is applied to leather wallpapers – wallpapers of this species will be able to turn the apartment into a real palace. The same effect can be obtained if the wallpaper contains embroidery elements, fur and bead patterns, rhinestones.

Any type of leather wallpaper will bring elements of luxury and grace into the house, as well as give its owner a great mood and a lot of pleasant impressions.