Laziness at work

To date, with the constant development of the world Internet, employees of various companies and firms have a large number of opportunities to simply kill their working time. According to sociological statistics, in connection with the gaining turnover, the trend of maintaining their own blogs appears that millions of workers of various companies go to their blogs and devote it to about 3, 5 hours a week (which is almost 9% of the common working time). This time goes to view messages and the answer to them.

Similar results were given in American firms, but in Russian companies everything is not as rosy as it might seem at first glance. Of course, in our country, blogs are more slowly than in other countries, they are gaining momentum, but workers do not lose heart at all about this and spend working time on communication in “Odnoklassniki”, “ICQ”, read jokes, pass various psychological tests, etc. D.

In some countries, such behavior of employees can bring significant material damage to the company. The statists calculated that in some firms, workers spend on non -working moments up to five hours of all working time per day! This fact confirms the fact that in Russia there is a very low culture of labor organization. However, laziness at work has positive points.

Firstly, a lazy worker, unlike a hard worker, very often finds a simple solution to a difficult situation, while he does not make a gram of effort.

Secondly, tedious and monotonous work is not for lazy employees, which is why he is able to offer to invent a way to make duplicate operations automatic, and the work of faster.

Thirdly, the lazy people are quite charming, in connection with this, much is forgiven and gifted, because they can justify a lot of arguments in their own way. Fourth, a lazy worker can act as a generator of ideas, often has a philosophical warehouse of the mind.

Nevertheless, many company managers make clear restrictions. So, when applying for a job, you can read in the main requirements the point on the ban during working hours to go to personal mail, on sites that do not apply to direct activity, as well as communication in all social networks. In addition, an employee who smokes too often, the employer can force the work all the minutes spent in the smoking site.

Psychologists give a fairly simple answer about laziness at work. The fact is that if an employee is trying to kill time at the workplace with the help of any outside affairs, then he does not like his work, he is disgusted. Many people do not dare to change their jobs due to the danger of a new wave of crisis. The organizations interested in their employee invite such “Lazyev” to personal conversations, during which they try to find out all the negative nuances and find the solution that arranges everyone from the current problem.

Management companies in their offices install video surveillance cameras to control the work of an employee or put special inexpensive programs that track the “walking” of an employee on the Internet.