Laying of floor tiles

Currently, thanks to a significant assortment of tiles in stores, it has become widespread during decoration of apartments and houses.

If earlier it was glued only on the walls in the bathroom and toilet, then at present it is laid out on the floor in the kitchen, hallway, etc. P. Before laying the tiles, it is very important to correctly prepare the base, remove the excess solution that remains on the floor during the construction of the house, cut off all glue for gas silicate blocks in the places of protrusion at the floor level.

Further, if the floor is concrete, then most likely you have to make a screed in order to level the surface. To do this, install the guides using the construction level, then carefully primed the floor and wait for the full drying of the primer. Next, prepare the cement-sand solution pour it between the guides and straighten the rule, wait for the solution to the solution. After drying, primed the resulting base.

After the primer dries, you can start laying tiles. To do this, use a special glue for floor tiles. Applying glue to tiles with a gear spatula, lay it on the floor according to the construction level.