Laying of an art parquet

Parquet is the most beautiful and durable floor covering. However, its laying takes a lot of time, even among professionals. And the increased complexity of styling is a mosaic parquet, it is also called artistic parquet.

Laying art parquet resembles a large puzzle assembly. When designing the decor of the premises, a mosaic parquet is also used. Sockets, borders, parquet shields and Kant – all these things are included in the artistic parquet and allow you to save money and time of the customer.

To date, this type of parquet has gained great popularity. This fact is based on the fact that bulky and massive boards sometimes do not fit very well into the overall design of the room. But if you lay the floor with an art parquet, then a finished and fairly individual style will come out.

The mosaic parquet allows the buyer to immediately determine the overall pattern and its location on the surface of the future sex. Details of art parquet consist of complex elements of different wood species. For example, one parquet outlet can combine maple parquet, an element of pears, walnut, oak.