Laminate marking – what happens?

The laminate is an excellent flooring that combines both aesthetic qualities and practical ones – it is perfect for an apartment or a country house.

Quite often in various rooms, the same type of laminate is used, which is not entirely correct, since the laminate is divided into classes, each of which is usually used only in a certain type of room. You can find out the laminate class from the marking, which always accompanies this flooring and characterizes it in detail.

In order to purchase high -quality laminate, you need not only to understand well in the manufacturers of flooring, but also correctly recognize laminate marking. These knowledge will help you choose the right floor class for each individual room. Choosing a laminate store, make sure that the abbreviation “EPLF” is present on the marking. This symbol means that the company that has manufactured this laminate consists in the “community of European manufacturers of laminated parquet”. Floor coatings with the “EPLF” abbreviation are characterized by a high degree of quality and have a long service life.

There are also several digits on the marking, which indicate the characteristics and purpose of the laminate. The first marking figure determines the purpose of the laminate: if the number “2” is worth it, then such a laminate is intended for use in residential premises, if “3” – then in commercial premises and warehouses.

Then follows the second marking figure, which indicates the level of abrasion of the flooring. If the figure “1” is worth it, then the laminate is considered soft and unsuitable for intensive use, if “2” – the material has an average level of abrasion (suitable for most rooms), if “3” – the laminate has high strength and has a long service life.

The 23rd grade (used in residential premises) and 31st grade (suitable for office premises) are most popular in the domestic market. If you do not count on your memory and cannot decipher the laminate marking, seek advice to the seller, who is obliged to navigate in this area well and explain everything to you in detail.