Kosichka Dragon

The fair sex with long hair or strands of medium length can surprise others with an original hairstyle called a braid dragon, which gives a woman a special charm. This braid is suitable not only for young girls, but also to their mothers and even grandmothers. Typically, the braid of the dragon has several options for weaving: it can be covered throughout the head (obliquely, horizontally or vertically), and in a circle (then the likeness of the “basket” is formed), and in the form of a rim only in the forehead of the forehead. Such a pigtail will look good both on straight and wavy hair. In addition, the “dragon” is a great option for the owner of dense, hard and naughty hair.

Rules for weaving the simplest version of the “dragon”

So that your pigtail braid always attracts the delighted glances of others with impeccable performance, we suggest using the following tips:

It is necessary to take a comb with thin and frequent teeth. Thanks to her, you can carefully separate even strands of the required thickness from the entire mass of the hair. Thus, the braid of the dragon will always look elegant, since the formation of broken strands (t. n. “Petukhov”) will be excluded;

Take a few hair rubber bands: so that the “dragon” is more reliable, it is better that they are tight. So that the pigtail has preserved a pristine, attractive look longer, for overly fluffy and thick hair, use varnish, foam or mousse;

Pure and dry hair must be thoroughly combed in such a way as to avoid confusing it and the appearance of nodules. So that the braid of the dragon turns out correctly, the combines of the comb should be directed from the forehead to the back of the head;

The next step will be the visual definition of the line, which should go from one ear to another. It will subsequently serve as a guide to separate the strands strictly parallel to each other – without this pigtail, the dragon will have a not very tidy look;

Using a comb, highlight a not very wide strand of hair near the forehead, which should be a parallel of the above line passing from ear to ear. In the middle of this strand, it is necessary to determine the central strand, which will become the main;

On both sides of this central strand, using a comb, it is necessary to carefully separate two strands that are connected to the first. At this stage, the “dragon” is weaved in the same way as an ordinary pigtail, known to most of us since childhood;

Now, so that you get a braid of a dragon, on the sides of the head symmetrically separate the strands of hair, the width of which depends on your taste. They need to be cooked with two side parts of the central strand, as if finishing them to the main spit located in the center of the head;

The direction of weaving should be as follows: from forehead to crown, and then to the back of the head. In the neck area, when there are no longer there are strands for falling apart, the pigtail braid can continue to weave, like an ordinary braid. Or in this place you can finish the weaving process and simply fix the hair with an elastic band by making the tail.

Such a braid of a dragon is quite unconstructed, so even if you do not have hairdressers, you can easily make it yourself, without outside help.

Features of the “double dragon”

If you want to make a truly unusual hairstyle, a double pigtail dragon will become the embodiment of your dreams. Using a comb, carry out a smooth parting from the forehead line to the back of the back of the head so as to divide the hair into two equal parts. Now, as in the case of weaving one dragon, you should capture and weave the strands into the braid first on the left side of the head, and then from the right. Do not forget to fix the braids or tails with elastic bands at the end. Such a “dragon” will not leave indifferent any of your friends, so do not think that a pigtail is something old -fashioned.

How to decorate a braid with a dragon

So that your “dragon” looks extraordinary, it can be decorated with additional hair accessories. Of course, the pigtail is traditionally associated with ribbons. Before starting weaving, attach a ribbon to one of the strands, and then continue to weave a braid in three strands. Then both ends of the ribbons will fit tightly to the side locks and evenly weave into the braid. When the braid of the dragon is completed, make a bow from the tape at its very bottom.

A dragon braid will also look unusual, in which a hair hoop with a tissue or leather trim will be used as an additional decor element.

Thus, the braid of a dragon is one of the best options for both every day and for an evening output, when you do not have enough time for a more complex and intricate hairstyle.