Intimate haircut at home

Intimate haircuts at home will give you sexuality and self -confidence. After all, when a woman changes her hairstyle – she is ready for change. Of course, this is more concerned with the campaign to the hairdresser, and women are recorded much less often in the salons on the bikini-punch. But even intimate haircuts at home are a wonderful, fast and affordable way to change your life, especially sexual.

It would seem what fashion can be in this matter. And she is! Arm with modern magazines or sites and then intimate haircuts at home will help you be at the peak of popularity among men and even adjust some problems of the figure. For example, wide hips look better with a vertical location of a strip of hair. The narrow pelvis visually expand the horizontal inscription or drawing.

Intimate haircuts at home allow you to select stencils without hesitation and experiment. It is much more comfortable for many women to do this in their native room or bath.

If you have already decided how your intimate haircuts might look at home – transfer the design to paper. You can try to draw it by hand, or cross under a carbon copy. There are enough photos on the network and ready -made templates that need to be printed and cut as a stencil.

The most common intimate haircuts at home in the form of a heart, stars, crescent, flowers, yin-yan, smiles.

The more complicated the selected design, the higher the risk that intimate haircuts at home will not work. If you want a particularly intricate drawing and you have a responsible event (first wedding night, day of lovers, photo shoot), contact a professional better.

For simple haircuts, the order is as follows.

Intimate haircuts at home begin by preparing the hair and skin of the bikini zone. Do not do depilation for some time, let the hairs grow enough. Take a shower, comb the hairs well. Comers the length of all hair with manicure scissors, leaving about 0, 5 centimeters. Put the prepared stencil on the bikini area, circle the curly circuit with a felt -tip pen.

When preparatory work is completed, intimate haircuts are carried out at home. Any familiar remedy for you is suitable – wax, cream, razor. Apply the product to the area not part of a stencil pattern or shave. If the offices turned out to be fuzzy due to border hairs-take them manually with tweezers or a machine for a bikini design.

After intimate haircuts at home are completed, an uprighter is applied to the skin. If the hair has shaved off, you can safely use the shaving balm for your beloved man. His familiar smell will give you confidence and sexuality. loading…